Massage Arts

Thai Massage

An ancient healing art that comes from the lineage of Buddha’s own physician, Dr Shivago, Thai Massage moves the client through Asanas or poses that are made to gradually unwind & release tension from the body in order to enhance the flow of energy throughout the nervous system, creating a meditative state in which the body can rest, digest, repair and rebuild itself.

Cranial Sacral

This work is extremely powerful and effective for reducing anxiety and allowing the body to let go of trauma. The light touch nature of this modality allows us as therapists to bypass the nervous system’s fight or flight response and put the body directly into a parasympathetic state in which release and healing can occur.


"Ayurveda is a system of medicine that captures my Yogic mind because it is born from Nature. It eases my scientific mind because it is born from Truth. And it soothes my Spirit because of its Ancient, deeply compassionate approach to healing.”

-Jayme Leigh